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Compartilhado por: @memoirsofanevanescent em Feb 10, 2017 @ 19:34

Compartilhado por: @memoirsofanevanescent em Feb 10, 2017 @ 19:34

“ouçam as batidas do coração” • “listen to the beatings of your heart”. trying to be more present & feelful in my everyday life, and trying to be better about being aware of my intentions and being mindful. I feel like you create your best work and express the best version of yourself when you are doing the things that make you come alive, the things that you are passionate about, the thing that make your heart beat a lil faster. I’m trying to hone in on what those things are for me, & follow them with my whole heart. Hope all of y’all are listening to the beatings of your own hearts as well, and pursuing the things you are passionate about. I feel like it’s important to try to drown out anything that doesn’t stem from genuine love. ...

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