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Compartilhado por: @marygirlstyle em Oct 21, 2016 @ 09:57

PLAY “Show me your sao paulo. i wanna know where you hide out, where you paint graffiti–i’ll follow. Show me shapes, spiral lines, i can’t translate. and leave your mark, felt tip pen, your tag, my chest. I wanna tell you how you’ll understand–i will; nunca nunca. te esconder, desaparecer. Nunca, nunca nunca. You tell me this city is only a maze; of walls and laws you can’t obey. you can’t write laws, and so– you paint that tattoo on the city arms, on the city face. Nunca, nunca nunca.” @sophiecharlotte1 @leticiapersilesinstagram @b_mendezzz @ricsavio @djonereal Looks @idolnoproject #arteubana. @gloye “selvageria”

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